Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"for this child i have prayed" first samuel 1:27

natalie was baptized on sunday and what a special day it was...we celebrated the beautiful gift of her life and committed ourselves to being Godly parents.

one of the commitments we made before the church was:

"Do you accept as your bounden duty and privilege to live before this child a life that becomes the gospel; to exercise all godly care that she be taught the Holy Scriptures, and that she learn to give reverent attendance upon the private and public worship of God?"

"Will you endeavor to keep this child under the ministry and guidance of the Church until she by the power of God shall accept for herself the gift of salvation...?" WE WILL

Oh goodness, what an awesome and amazing responsibility it is to be your parents, Natalie Muse. We love you more than anything and pray that by God's grace we will be able to raise you in His perfect love.