Sunday, June 21, 2009

santa rosa trip 2009

We had such an incredible time at Santa Rosa Beach this past week. There was lots of very hot sun, lots of sand, and very special times spent with my precious family! Gam, Pappy, Lonnie and Katy joined our little family as we all embarked on our annual beach trip this year. Natalie got a bad cold the day after we arrived, so the first part of the week was a little rough, but we made it!

Thanks to my sweet family, I did have some time to relax on the beach and get some good reading in. I read the most incredible book this week...same kind of different as me. It was such an amazing story and really gave me a great deal of perspective and lots to think about, especially as a Child of God and in my job as a social worker.

I am very sad that the vacation is over, but glad to be home safely with my family...hope you enjoy the [many] pictures!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

table at gam's

natalie LOVES her new table and chairs at gam and pappy's. she could sit there for hours [okay, so 7 minutes is the max], going from chair to chair...pushing the chairs around the room...putting her baby doll in the other chairs...and reading the Paint Pig and Sesame Street books at the table.

little bit

my little bit is growing up too fast! she looks like such a big girl here!

"where's your bellybutton?"

sweet eyes...

celebrating molly

we had lots of fun last weekend celebrating molly's upcoming arrival. i am so excited for my sister, katy, and her husband lonnie. they will be amazing parents and we are all so excited to meet this little blessing!