Monday, April 12, 2010

grateful heart

the family on my birthday...and some yummy coconut cake
natalie helping me blow out my many candles
natalie and i at the zoo
my angel

This is going to be a sappy blog, but I can't help it. My heart is full, and I am grateful.

Several people asked me if I felt older on the day I turned 30. I don't feel any different (besides the growing belly), but lately, I sense an extremely strong feeling of gratitude. And that is how I feel about being 30--grateful.

God is teaching me about being content, in all circumstances, and I am not only cup is full. Now to preface this, there are certainly times and weeks that go by that I wish for more...a bigger house so that we have more room for Natalie to play, a more organized basement, to live in a different community--away from the concrete jungle, a different career, a more fit body, a different hairstyle, the ability to travel and get away more, a new couch and a maid...maybe I should stop. Maybe it's the fact that I'm finally feeling better that my viewpoint has changed lately...maybe it's the good weather or the fact that I thoroughly cleaned my house today, but probably it is just a lesson from Above.

Because as I feel my little one kicking in my belly at this moment, I am so grateful. As I was praying today, I couldn't stop thanking God. Thanking Him for my precious angel, Natalie, who is so amazing and makes me smile and laugh every day. I am grateful for a safe and beautiful home, filled with memories of starting our precious family. I am thankful for a husband who is loving and an amazing father. I am so grateful for our precious children, who will bless our lives in unimaginable ways. I am beyond grateful for my parents, sister, grandparents and great-grandparents, who are living examples of gratitude. I am thankful for precious friends, near and far from the ATL, who keep me grounded and teach me about love. I even decided that I was grateful today that I can hear I-85 from my back deck (sometimes I pretend the roaring engines are the ocean). I am grateful for that because it is so easy to hop on the interstate, get to work, or get to the best little city of LaGrange or Athens, GA. I am thankful for my workplace--grateful for my colleagues and friends there who teach me so much and display wisdom and courage in their jobs. Thankful for the patients, who are amazing people that overcome great obstacles.

On my actual birthday, I had the best day, really I did! Dave took the day off and cooked me favorite--scrambled eggs and pancakes. Then it was off to the zoo to take Natalie for the first time. A yummy lunch at Dakota Blue made the day perfect...home for naps...then Dave took me out to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. He bought a yummy coconut cake and Natalie helped me blow out my candles to top off a perfect day.

As I stood in church this Sunday singing the last hymn of the service, I couldn't stop the tears. Because most of all, I know that I am grateful for my Saviour, who died so that I could live in the abundance of His love and grace. I am grateful for His words, which teach me about living with faith and hope. As I sang, "Because He Lives," I knew that I can continue to live each day no matter what lies ahead because He is with me.

And so to me, 30 = grateful.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter bunny, in random order

lots of pics, for gam...and for aunt katy...and for everyone who is disappointed that i never update the bloggie blog...
chilling with uncle steve after a busy, busy day

dancing with mama's sweet friend lindsey outside of church

the easter bunny brought a sand table...he left some eggs leading out to the deck...

grandma spinks (ma ma ma's) yummy cupcakes
We celebrated the march and april birthday's at grandma's, dad, uncle roy, grandma, myself and patrick...we are 311 years old!!!

natalie spent lots of time in her cozy coupe car on sunday afternoon...

big girl bed

Get Natalie into a big girl bed = check
Last weekend, we decided to make the transition and move the guest bed into Natalie's room. My parents were up visiting for the morning so they helped Dave and I get the bed all ready, and we moved the crib into the guest bedroom. I cried that night...seeing my sweet little baby in that big girl bed...but she has done so well. She loves her big girl bed, is sleeping better than ever, and I'm so proud of her...
Next on the list = potty training...I'm a lot more nervous about that one :)

big sister in training

natalie loves her baby "brook" and got some good practice in feeding her baby a couple of weeks ago...

sweet fingers

on a cold march afternoon...
my little punkin and her sweet little hands creating a masterpiece...or two...

a trip to callaway gardens

on a beautiful sunday in late february, mom, dad, katy, molly, nat and i took a trip down to callaway gardens to enjoy the free pass during february...natalie had a ball and we had an awesome time having a picnic by the lake and enjoying all the little spots that katy and i enjoyed growing up!