Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a few favorites

this is one of my favorite pics from Christmas. natalie loves the new chair that her grandma carolyn and grandpa bob gave to her!

hanging out at gam and pappy's!

last week, natalie came home from venus' house with a ponytail!!!

nat loves her new school bus!

fun in the kitchen that gam and pappy gave her!

going for a wagon ride!

fun with cohen and elis!

mom and i had such a fun time taking care of precious elis and cohen for nancy on monday! elis was so glad to get out of the toddlers' way and get some food in her little tummy!

natalie and cohen playing so sweetly!

"Ooohhh...maybe I want that too," says Nat.

giving a sweet!

natalie is peeking around the corner at her boyfriend...

we tried a photo opp of these two while elis took a nap...we tried!

What a blessing it was to spend time with these two. I love them so much...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

precious family

we had so much fun celebrating bigma's 100th birthday last sunday!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 100th birthday Bigma!!!!

These are two of my favorite pictures in the whole world....thanks Whitney!

On 1/9/2009, my precious Bigma, my great-grandmother and Natalie's great-great grandmother...turns 100 years old!!!

Bigma is so special and so amazing...I love her so much. I love watching the light and joy in her face as she watches Natalie grow. Natalie loves her Bigma so much, and we all do too!

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

I rejoice for the life that Bigma has lived for these first 100 years and I pray for continued good health for her. She is an extraordinary blessing to all who know her.

Happy birthday Bigma!! We love you so very much!!

natalie's birthday party pictures (i have trouble making decisions, sorry so many pics!!!)

whitney made the cutest invitations. visit her website to order yours!

max milligan and haley!!!

diving into the very cool cake that her daddy made for her!

we were so excited that katie and max milligan made a surprise visit!

sweet friends...the Marist crew and their loved ones, including one of Nat's boyfriends...Liam!

I was so excited to see Katie!!

This girl loves her new wagon that Gam and Pappy gave her...she points to it all the time!

birthday bib

we gave her a little riding toy pony. she likes the book a lot better ;).

sharing with mommy

the best cheeks. ever.

loved the singing!

nat loves miss kate!

sweet and kacey and baby finley!!

nat loves her new stacking blocks that grandma and grandpa gave her!