Monday, June 14, 2010

memorial day 2010

we had a great time at the memorial day gathering at the lane's house a couple of weeks ago (was that really two weeks ago?? time is going by too fast) are a few pics of the fun times...

nat spent a great majority of the evening running back and forth in the back yard!

natalie and cosette in the pool

love that ruffle bottom!

the face we get when we try to get her to "pose" for a picture :)

sweet baby grant

flannery and her daddy

natalie and harper being tickled by todd!

/natalie and harper...running with the bean bags

summer fun

we were so blessed to have this swing set "donated" to us by some of dave's parents' neighbors...while natalie and i were in lagrange the other weekend, dave, grandpa bobby and uncle steve put it together for natalie! natalie was SO EXCITED to see it when she got home, and it's definitely been fun to enjoy our backyard with the swings and slide.

my girls

natalie, sadie butter, and nat's "baby brook" resting on sadie's bed

sunday sweetness