Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy 2nd birthday natalie!

My precious Natalie...I can hardly believe you are TWO YEARS OLD!
Time has gone by entirely too fast, and you are truly becoming such a big girl. You have the sweetest personality and disposition, and you have a lot of spunk too. You have the best laugh, and you always make me smile. If you know you're getting into trouble, you always try to make me laugh (and it's hard not to...you are a smart little girl!). You always say "love you." You are so good at saying your prayers at night and before meals. You are a creative soul, and you love to color, play with markers and play-doh (you call it "doe-pay"). You love to play hide and seek and pretend like you're counting ("two....one"). You are VERY opinionated about your clothes and shoes, and you love to pick out your outfits every day. You love to wear "p.j.s." You love to stay "home"...you must be a homebody like me. On those days that I go to work, you say "home" (b/c you want to stay home)...it breaks my heart every time. I cherish my days with you. You are beautiful, funny and sweet. You are so special to us.

Being your parent is the greatest responsibility and gift from God. I thank God continuously for you, as you are the most precious blessing your dad and I could ever receive on this earth. I received a very special Christmas gift from a friend at work this year...a calendar of prayers for every day throughout the year.

I look forward to loving you and praying for you during the year to come, my precious child.

This is the prayer for the date of December 28th, Nat's birthday...brings me to tears:

"Lord, may my child have a relationship with You, Lord, that is truly her own--not an extension of mine or anyone else's. I want the comfort of knowing that when I'm no longer on this earth, her faith will be strong enough to keep her "steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord" (1 Corinthians 15:58).

my sweet girl blowing out her two candles on her birthday

natalie's new easel

riding outside with her daddy on her birthday

natalie had a blast at the children's museum on her birthday! mama, dada, grandpa bobby and grandma ce-ce came too!

loving the train table

i think her favorite activity of the day was running back and forth across the suspension bridge!

gone fishing

peek a boo

playing with the kitchen

climbing up the banana slide

watching the balls drop!

Christmas at the Sprinkles

We enjoyed spending Christmas afternoon and evening at Dave's parents home. Natalie had a great time and loved her new cradle and stroller!

opening the stroller!

she loved her new snowman that lights up!

daddy helping nat open her present!

rocking baby gingerbread man in the cradle

Christmas morning!

What a day to celebrate! Jesus is born!
Natalie woke up bright and early at 7:00 on Jesus' birthday (or maybe Gam and Pappy snuck into her room...still not sure!) and she was ready to see what Santa delivered...at the bottom of my parents' stairs, my dad had created a path of letters and numbers in carpet squares leading to the den...

she loved her new cozy coupe car

first time on the tricycle

natalie and molly

sadie has a stocking too!

nat especially loves her bitty baby that my parents gave her. she named her "brook" after her best friend ty-ty's mommy :).

sipping on "jooch"

coloring with pappy and her new markers

reading her barney cards with gam in the tent

dancing around outside in her boots!

After a fun lunch at my precious Grandparent's house, we were off to Dave's parents home in Norcross!

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve is always such a special day! Full of love, excitement and family...
We were so excited to head to LaGrange for the day on Christmas Eve. Here is the day in pictures...

Natalie cuddling with Pappy when we first arrived (Nat stayed in her p.j.'s all day!)

Natalie all dressed and ready to go to church. She sat through the whole service and did SO GOOD!

One of my family's traditions is to open a few gifts on Christmas Eve. Above, Natalie helps Bigma open a present!

Natalie loved her new ice cream cone set that her cousin Molly gave to her!

She got two pairs of really cute boots and a new outfit on Christmas Eve. She immediately wanted to try on her new outfit and show off her boots!

very special tradition = listening to grandpa read a story!

it was so fun to see what santa dropped off after natalie went to bed!

my two favorite santas putting together nat's tricycle

And visions of sugarplums danced in her head!...

an annual tradition

The last weekend before Christmas each year holds a very special yearly tradition...going to Mary Jane's party! We all anxiously await this evening of friendship, fun and singing of Christmas carols! Dave's high school friends remain very close, which I think is great. The mother of one of his best friends (who is like a second mom to dave) hosts a Christmas party every year in her beautiful home. There are more and more young ones running around, and Natalie LOVED singing the Christmas carols and dancing with the bells this year. Here are a few pics of the evening. The kids are getting too fast to capture!

Nat and Grandpa Bobby (Dave's dad)

Natalie and Cosette "toe tapping" at the stairs

Giving Flannery a kiss!

our attempt at a picture of the four girls

Natalie and Harper being mischievous in the kitchen!

Monday, December 14, 2009

a date with priscilla, the pink pig!

natalie and i went to see the pink pig this morning! we got there just in time...before the crowds arrived, and we had a blast! it was so fun to do together, and we just giggled and smiled and loved every minute of it. natalie is so funny and is always making me laugh...i love these memories of our days together...

new dress...

natalie wore her new dress to church on sunday...
the funny part of the story is that when she got home from church and i was taking it off...i realized that the tag was still on it. it was big and bulky, so i don't know how i missed it and i don't know how natalie didn't fuss about it! i love the smocking of the manger scene...the perfect reminder of why we celebrate this time of year...

difficult to get the girl to stand still! when i say, turn around and say cheese, she starts turning around in circles and laughing!

natalie's second birthday party

so she's not two quite yet...but she thinks she is!
we decided to celebrate her birthday a couple of weeks early to have a little separation from Christmas! we hosted a cookie decorating party at our house and it was a lot of fun...a lot of chaos...but a lot of fun. Natalie couldn't have been more proud when we sang the happy birthday song, and she blew her candles out all by herself. thank you to our precious family and friends for coming to celebrate with us. your support over the past two years has been incredible. i simply cannot believe my baby is a big girl. will post more thoughts on that on her real birthday!! for now, here are some pics in random order...
the cute labels whitney made for the goodie bags...
"natalie's sweet shoppe 2009...sugar and spice and everything nice"

posing with her new purses. she is obsessed with both of them and carries them all over the house!

natalie and gam looking out the window

blowing out her candles like a big girl!

so proud as everyone sings to her!

she loved decorating the cookies!

sweet friends decorating

opening up her "fridge food" that katy, lonnie and molly gave her!

sweet cousins...nat nat and "moddy" (molly)

i hung up pictures from each month during the past year

cookie monster cupcakes...for the "cookie" party

posing in her birthday outfit!
happy early birthday, precious natalie. we love you so much!