Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day at gam's

dave shaking the sand out of natalie's hair

fun in the turtle sandbox

swinging cousins

"ma ma ma" (grandma) pushing nat on the swing


swinging on the rings

nat nat and her pappy

"high" is her favorite way to swing

gam and pappy set up this neat little area for natalie and molly

loving the trampoline with pappy and dave

lonnie and bigma

the whole crew sits for a yummy lunch

my beautiful grandmother

a few tries at a group photo of the ladies...

katy and sweet molly

audie muse, natalie muse, and charlene muse

oh, what a fun mother's day we had! thanks to gam for the pictures, as i forgot my camera that day. we also had a great time celebrating at dave's parents house too...happy mother's day to all of the amazing mothers that i know...and love. you are a true blessing to me. post is mostly pictures for you, miss katy.


it was so fun to grow up with my sweet cousins, jenn and patrick...i have the best memories of making pallets on grandma's floor and spending the night while watching the sound of music...and cutting out pretend "food" out of paper, and running a restaurant out of grandma's many fun times together...
on saturday, molly came up to play at our house, and it was so fun to watch her and natalie together. they had the best time on the wagon ride around the block, and got so tickled at each other...thanks to aunt katy for pulling these two cuties around the block! i am so glad that natalie has the sweetest little cousin in molly...we love her so much.

nat nat and bigma picking daffodils

only 99 years separates them...bigma at 101 and natalie at 2...amazing!