Monday, November 29, 2010

happy birthday grandpa!!

my precious grandpa turned 90 years old last week! what an incredibly special man he is to me...i love him and admire him more than he will ever know.
he's been through a lot in the last year. and i am beyond grateful that he is still with us, blessing us with his humor, wit, love and leadership. he is the rock of our family and is a man of God. i don't think he will ever know or understand what an impact he has had on my life.

happy birthday to you, grandpa! we love you so much!

fantasy in lights

every year, it's a woodward family tradition to walk through the fantasy in lights night walk at callaway gardens...natalie had a blast this year even though she wasn't feeling the best. she especially loved seeing santa! john stayed nice and warm at home with his are a few pics from our adventure!

mom always packs up the cutest picnic dinners for us!

the grandkids get to open their first christmas present of the season

and, per usual, the adventure continued on the way home. apparantly, nat nat decided to eat several of the globes off of her necklace, and she proceeded to throw up all over herself in the car. i had to stop at a scary gas station to clean up the throw up. life is always interesting with this sweet girl!

trip to the zoo!

the thursday before thanksgiving week, my sis and sweet molly headed up to atlanta to take a trip to the zoo with us...i had so much fun hanging out with katy, and wish that we could see each other EVERY DAY!

family pic on nat's favorite thing at the zoo...the train!

sweet cousins

mols was more into the animals than nat nat

john was such a sweet passenger!

chillin on the sit n' stand

two peas in a pod

Sunday, November 14, 2010

john john

oh, my john john,
time is going by WAY too fast. you are growing up too quickly, and i am savoring every second. you seem to be a lot more content these days, and that makes your mama very happy! you love to cuddle and you're quite the little smiler these days. i can't believe that my maternity leave is almost over, and i will soak up every last second that i can being at home with you every day. it is so special and fun to have a little boy, and you are so precious to me. you have lots of gas, thus earning yourself the nickname of "little toot." so, "little toot", i better run off to bed so that i can greet you in a couple of hours, hopefully at 6:30 a.m. or so. love you more than you will ever know, little man. you are an incredible blessing from God in our lives. sweet dreams.

big sister

my precious natalie,
what a good big sister you are! you love your "john john" so much. the first thing you ask in the morning is, "where is my new baby brother?" you love giving him kisses and you are really good at making him smile. sometimes, you're a little too generous with your love for him (REALLY strong hugs and kisses), and i know he will be handing it back to you one day, little miss. you are becoming such a big girl, and i just wanted you to know how fun it is to watch you be a big sister. i love you, precious girl. you are such a blessing to me and your daddy. your new favorite movie is Pollyanna, except you call her "Polly-Hannah." You would watch it all day long on repeat if I would let you! I must admit, it's a nice change from the Barney marathons, my girl. You love ice cream, bubble gum and pork sandwiches. Macaroni is still your favorite, though, i think! You absolutely adore preschool, which makes me so happy. Your favorite is music with Miss Donna. She gives you stamps on your hands, and you're very into those stamps. We had our first "parent-teacher" conference last week and your teacher had so many good things to say about you. She said you were a "ray of sunshine" and i couldn't agree more! you are my sunshine, sweet girl. love you so-


i'm not much of a halloween person, never have been, i guess. and my camera did not cooperate this halloween--the pictures weren't great. but my nat nat and her sweet cousin molly certainly had a good time wandering up willowcrest way in lagrange that saturday night. my ballerina princess was beautiful! and john, buddy, i am so sorry but you did not make it into your pumpkin costume. it was a fussy night, and you were really happy in your onesie. you'll definitley get a cool costume next year ;).

plum petals

my precious friend nancy took some very special pictures for john's birth announcement. dearest nancy, thank you for capturing these sweet memories. i love you so much!

two months old...

oh my, where has the time gone? my little punkin was two months old on november 3rd...
two month stats:
weight: 12 lbs, 3 oz (50th percentile)
height: 23 inches (50th percentile)