Thursday, March 11, 2010

tiny little sprinkle

I'll be fifteen weeks pregnant on Saturday.
15 weeks!
We were so excited on New Year's Eve when that little test came back positive. I honestly couldn't believe it! Another Sprinkle was on the way...
I'm sorry I've been quite absent from the blog lately. The last few weeks and months have been hard. I've been really, really sick. But it's getting so much better now. Things are looking up! God is gracious and I am so grateful to feel well again. Despite [all day, not morning] pregnancy sickness, a horrible stomach virus attacking the household, several colds, sinus infections, two courses of antibiotics and some good 'ole pink eye, we've made it this far! I couldn't have made it through without my husband and our sweet family. Dave has been so dinner, cleaning, taking the lead with Natalie. What would I do without you, babe? And this weekend when I was so sick, my parents rescued Natalie for the weekend and she had such a wonderful time with them, my grandparents, bigma, aunt katy, uncle lonnie and cuz molly.
I am so grateful that God has blessed us with another little miracle. It truly is amazing to realize that there is a little life growing inside of me again...I love him or her so much already, and pray for his/her safety, health and protection.
So, hopefully I'll be back blogging again soon.
We can't wait to welcome this little bit on 9/4/2010. Hopefully this one won't be as stubborn as little miss Natalie and wait another 10 days past their due date to make their debut!
please keep the tiniest sprinkle in your prayers!